Oren Steinberg

Bringing to life a vision that other people value, is my passion. 

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. There is nothing more rewarding than creating a new product or service that people and organization truly value. The only thing that tops that, perhaps, is looking back at the path taken and seeing what can we learn and do better next time.

I used to keep these reflection stories all in my head. Share with friends and colleagues over beer. Pull them out whenever I encountered similar situation. But as time passes they start accumulating and I have less free time for beer :(. So a couple of years ago I started writing to the drawer. Lessons learned, insights flashed, successful failures, practical tips and more.

This website is a collection of my personal notes.

My background: I used to work in management consulting for several years, then I moved on to business development in the Telematics / Connected-Car space in the UK, then to SaaS sales to top insurance companies in the US, and then I led a big-data, patented machine learning startup to M&A.

Several years ago I founded a Digital-Health startup for therapists and families of children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, including clinical trials and peer reviewed publications. I also advise startups and growth companies in: Insure-Tech, Digital-Health and Impact Investing, and volunteer as mentor in 3 accelerator programs: 8200 EISP, Technion and The Social Program.


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