Product Management Biases

Product management biases

Product management requires making a lot of decisions based on: data, user feedback and best practices. But all these are susceptible to cognitive biases. Product managers need be aware of cognitive biases if they want to avoid their traps.

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Value based EMR

Value Based EMR

EMR providers that take pride in their scheduling, billing, documentation and related services will need to evolve and develop new capabilities in order to remain the go-to vendor for providers’ software solutions in the era of value based care.

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How can startups work with large corporations?

eDavid and Goliath Inc.

How can startups work with large corporations? B2B and B2B2C startups trying to sell into large corporations know this all too well: big companies like to work with other big companies. It often seems like smaller companies lack the secret handshake. If you’re a startup or even a growth stage company trying to sell into

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